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Watch Netflix Documentary Films for Free on YouTube

Tayangan dokumenter Netflix

During the pandemic, certain organizations and service providers helped to alleviate the situation by providing the services they had for free. If HBO gives access to some of its television series for free, it’s different from Netflix. This largest video-on-demand platform provides Netflix documentary films on YouTube.

As we know, to access Netflix content, we are required to pay a monthly membership before we can access the application with a personal account. Not to mention if, in Indonesia, Telkom and Telkomsel users have difficulty accessing it. So that Netflix documentary series can be seen by everyone, Netflix uploads documentary film material on YouTube.

For the record, the Netflix documentary on YouTube is currently available in English. Text caption in more than a dozen languages ​​will be available later this week. In addition, it is important to note that if you are a parent or teacher, please check the ranking so that you can make choices based on information for students and children.
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List of 10 Netflix Documentary Movie Titles, Free on YouTube

Watching television shows is one of the main ways in which people get entertainment during the pandemic. That way, the automatic level of use of streaming services such as Netflix jumped. With several free documentary series, you could say this is the way Netflix can thank you, and still be able to provide educational entertainment for everyone.

In total, there are 10 Netflix serial and documentary content titles on his official YouTube account. You can access it via the following playlist.

Netflix Documentary Films on YouTube
A selection of Netflix documentaries that are free on YouTube.

Some of the Netflix series and documentaries are intended for teachers, as learning material that can be applied to students through virtual classrooms. Later, Netflix will release a question and answer session to some of the creators of the documentary series that aired, so students can understand the perspective directly from the creator. Here is a little description of each of the impressions provided:

  • 13th (film): 2016 documentary in the United States, taking the theme of race in the United States criminal justice system, originates from the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution which prohibits slavery.
  • Abstract Season 1 (series): discusses more deeply the art of design associated with science and the philosophy behind it, presenting some of the world’s best designers with their visionary work.
  • Babies (series): through a production process of more than three years, Babies discusses the journey of a baby from birth to being a toddler. Starting from how a baby is first connected with parents, knowledge about parenting and some other early stages of parenting are discussed in this series.
  • Chasing Coral (film): according to the title, this film was made with a discussion about coral reefs from the eyes of a fan who is also a marine scientist. This film explores more deeply about the various types of coral reefs on the seabed.
  • Explained (series): This series consists of various episodes, each of which discuss a certain topic, ranging from politics, science, history to the culture that exists today. The author’s favorite among other documentary series, very interesting to try.
  • Knock Down the House (film): This documentary is arguably quite famous, about the journey of an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with three other tough women to fight for his candidacy in the United States Congress, facing many social & political challenges.
  • Our Planet (film): in collaboration with WWF, this series combines interesting photographic scenes and displays from various sides of the world that are interesting. It is a project that spends more than 3500 days, in more than 50 countries and no less than 600 manufacturing crews.
  • End of Sentence (short film): generally describes how women who live in rural areas outside Delhi, India fight the stigma of menstruation.
  • The White Helmets (short film): a documentary set in locations in Aleppo, Syria and Turkey, beginning in 2016. Following three rescue workers voluntarily rescued local residents affected by the war.
  • Zion (short film): portrays a portrait of a Zion Clark, a young wrestler who was born without legs, and grew up in an orphanage. Despite his physical limitations, wrestling is what makes him passionate through daily life.

If you are one of the instructors, Netflix provides educational material from each of the shows that can be accessed on the link Netflix Media Center.

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