Home News Windows 11 Update Brings New Android & Notepad App Support

Windows 11 Update Brings New Android & Notepad App Support

Windows 11 Update Brings New Android & Notepad App Support

Jakarta, Gizmologi – The operating system made by Microsoft, Windows 11 has been available for quite a long time. Enough for vendors to be sure of presenting laptop & PC products with the OS from the manufacturer. Now the first large-scale Windows 11 update or update has just been rolled out.

When compared to Windows 10, the change in the appearance of Windows 11 itself is quite major or significantly different. Starting from the redesigned taskbar with the application logo in the middle, the new Widgets display, to small improvements here and there such as the new menu layout. Some old elements like Control Panel & Task Manager are still available.

Since the initial release, it has been stated that in the future there will be regular Windows 11 updates to improve features and appearance. After being officially released for compatible devices, there is now a Windows 11 update that allows users to run Android applications—as promised by Microsoft.

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Bring Android Apps from Amazon AppStore

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Yes, when it was launched, Microsoft had featured the Microsoft Store app store which included a list of Android apps. However, this feature is not present immediately, until now it is only available through the Windows 11 update which was rolled out in mid-February 2022. Unfortunately, not working with Google to present the Google Play Store, but through the Amazon AppStore.

Not present as an additional application store, Android applications from Amazon’s store will appear directly in the Microsoft Store—users only need to do the update process. From the official release, it is said that there are more than 1,000 applications that can be enjoyed from the computer directly. Several popular titles such as Audible, Kindle, to Subway Surfers games are available for download.

Unfortunately, specifically for the Windows 11 update, which brings this application from the Amazon Appstore, it is only available for users in the United States. This experience was also successfully realized thanks to the support of Intel Bridge technology, which is one of the reasons why laptop hardware specifications that can officially upgrade to Windows 11 are quite selective. So that you can run modern applications.

This feature is only present as a preview, and Microsoft is ready to accept input from all users who will try it. At the same time, it will expand the scope of this feature to more regions.

Windows 11 Update Also Improves the Taskbar

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In addition, Microsoft also updated the taskbar in the Windows 11 update earlier this year. The simple one is the option to display the weather as it should in Windows 10, by default it will appear in the left corner of the taskbar. When the cursor is moved to that corner, a shortcut to access the list of widgets appears. And for users with more than one monitor, now the time and date will appear on all monitors, according to requests from users.

Microsoft also updated two new applications, namely Notepad and Media Player. For Notepad, it will now follow the Windows theme, aka will use a dark background in dark mode (plus a fresh search display). For Media Player, it now looks like a modern version of Groove Music. Being the integrated audio & video player of the OS.

Both can be obtained only by updating the application through the Microsoft Store. Lastly, for Microsoft Teams users, it is now given the option to access the microphone (mute/unmute) directly from the taskbar. Want to share the look of an app? Just hover over the app icon on the Taskbar, and click “share this window”.


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