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LG is Ready to Bring the Inverter Technology in Home Appliances

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LG Electronics Indonesia seeks to strengthen its position in the electronics industry with a stated readiness to present a variety of household devices based on inverter technology. A variety of innovations were embedded in a large collection that is scattered from air conditioning, refrigerators or refrigerator, the washing machine until the device cook electronic microwave oven. The presence of this collection is said to also marks the company’s focus this year will be more expand in the marketing of home electronics based inverter technology.

The presence of this collection is said to also marks the company’s focus this year will be more expand in the marketing of home electronics based inverter technology. This choice is made cannot be separated from the advantages of inverter technology that is proven and recognized more electricity-saving.

On the other hand, this is also a form of support to the energy-saving campaign that has been initiated by the government of Indonesia. Through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the government has run a great campaign, titled Cut 10% as a movement that aims to expand awareness regarding the behavior of saving energy.

Jaeyoung Lee, President Director of PT. LG Electronics Indonesia said the world is moving towards better technology and eco-friendly. As a company that has been part of the Indonesian community throughout the 26 years, become an obligation for LG to play a more active role in this change through the provision of an electronic device based on inverter technology.

“Overall this collection illustrates the success and the vision of large company brought the application technology of the inverter technology at a higher level,” said Jaeyoung Lee in Jakarta (4/11).

The utilization of the inverter technology actually is not new for LG. Even the manufacturer of the electronic devices of consumer-based in South Korea these include diligent to promote this technology in the past few years in Indonesia. However, LG realized by simply offering the use of electricity more efficient was not enough to attract the attention of people moving on this technology.

This is according to Jaeyoung Lee create a collection of electronic devices household inverter LG this year to be special. A variety of innovations embedded that optimize the work of the saving power of inverter technology. Not only that, LG also says to complete the whole collection with this features supporters of health to strengthen its presence as a support to the modern lifestyle that is health care.

More Jaeyoung Lee stated, LG is optimistic overall innovation that complements the inverter technology on various electronic devices of the household of this new will got a good response in Indonesian society. “We believe, harmonic inverter technology from LG as with a variety of innovations that make it fit with the modern lifestyle will make electronic devices home appliances-tech inverter is more quickly accepted by the people of Indonesia.

The speed of the community to adopt the device of household electronic-tech inverter is thought to have an important role in improving the quality of life of the community. The fund created from the savings of electricity are conducted in a certain period of time can be diverted for the needs that support improved quality of life. “This is the vision that we carry through the collection of LG Inverter,” said Jaeyoung.


LG’s Electronic Devices with Inverter Technology

LG AC Dual Cool Series

The presence of AC LG Dual Cool Series is intended to break the view of society that tends to see the AC inverter technology is only reserved for certain circles. It is not separated from the availability of air conditioning inverter in the market which indeed is limited to the type with the designation for the space of large capacity. In fact, the AC inverter is initially present as an innovation for air conditioning to save electricity but still provide the cooling process faster.

Introduced in Indonesia, LG AC Dual Cool series would be the first air conditioning inverter technology with the choice of the cooling capacity of the most widespread ranging from ½ HP, ¾ HP, 1HP, 1 ½ PK to 2 PK. The existence of AC LG Dual Cool Series is the answer of LG for Indonesian families who want the AC inverter in accordance with the capacity of the various spaces in the house.

Make sure they don’t just present as the AC inverter, LG AC Dual Cool Series comes with two main advantages, namely the Jet Cool and Multi-Watt Option. Through both, AC LG Dual Cool Series is said to offer a cooling process that is faster up to 30% and 70% less electricity than conventional AC.

Born as the AC inverter, the speed reaches room temperature the desired true has owned AC LG. However, existence features Jet Cool makes the user can further shorten the cooling process space. Simply press one button on the remote control, will make the LG AC is spitting out a temperature of 16 degrees during the 30 minutes before maintaining it at the desired temperature.

While the Multi-Watt Option, implied from its name, this feature makes an air CONDITIONING unit LG Dual Cool Series can be operated in four options the amount of electric power. Availability provides convenience and flexibility for users to further regulate the power intake varying needs with consideration of the temperature environment and load space through control of the remote control.

When the temperature of the surrounding environment tends to be cool or in the space only contain some people, for example, the user can press the Multi-Watt Option one time to make the LG AC Dual Cool Series works only with a power of 80%. Reduction of electric power can be set lower again with consideration of the varying changes in eve that covers the space of the place attached.For electricity consumption, AC LG Dual Cool Series is able to suppress the use of electrical power during operation until it reaches 40%.

LG AC Dual Cool Series with a capacity of 1 PK with a power of 800 Watts. Enough to activate the Jet Cool, the AIR conditioner will cool a room up to 18 degrees throughout the 30 minutes. Thereafter, the owner can use the features of the Multi-Watt Option to lower the electricity needs of the operation of the AC. Work settings with 80% power will make the user save power 160 Watts which can be used for other activities such as ironing.

With the setting operation of the electric power 40%, the power saved for the use of the activity of the other can even reach 480 Watts. The concept that optimizes the work of saving electricity by putting control in the hands of users and without sacrificing the comfort is what makes the LG AC Dual Cool Series as a breakthrough in the category of AC inverter.

Accompanying the advantages of this, LG provides extra comfort for the user with a warranty of up to 10 years for the compressor and the additional protection one year for the unit PCB. Part of the outdoor unit the entire line of LG AC Dual Cool Series this coated technology anti-rust which makes it more resistant to possible damage due to changes in the weather. LG also immerse low refrigerant detector which works automatically gives a signal to the user when a decline in the refrigerant for faster reaction than the possibility of leakage occurring.

In addition to the differences in cooling capacity, AC LG Dual Cool Series is divided into three main variants with the completeness of the features health guard that is more diverse.All three are Eco, Smart, and Deluxe. Filters anti-bacteria contained in the series of Eco and Smart, while MicroDust filter to capture small particles that can be detrimental to health there is in the series of Eco-capacity of 1 ½ PK and 2PK.

When labor-saving electric with feature guard the health of the most complete searchable, LG provides a variant Deluxe. In this variant, there is additional ionizer feature that releases various ions to bind and immobilize harmful substances and skin care feature. As the name implies, this feature is useful protection on the skin by utilizing ion to provide moisture on the skin of the user.

LG InstaView Door-in-Door

On a row of refrigerators, innovation, Inverter technology applied on the compressor design and specifically named the LG Smart Inverter Compressor. The uniqueness of the compressor is in operation rests on the actuating lever. This is different from the compressor of the conventional which has a four-part interdependent in operation.

This unique design is an innovation of LG to optimize the work of the saving power of the inverter technology as the base technology compressor. This advantage is obtained from the minimum friction between the compressor parts into one point of friction compared to a compressor with conventional four parts which makes it has four points of friction. With a swipe a little more to make the energy required of the compressor the Smart Inverter is small. Other advantages, the minimum friction between the parts to be only one point of friction to reduce noise level during operation.

Don’t just claim, a variety of these benefits has been through the testing from the test institution a global scale based in Germany that became a reference standard of the electronics industry that is VDE Verband der System, Electronic und Informationstechnik. For the ability to save energy, the results of the comparison test VDE stated, the LG Smart Inverter Compressor is able to save power intake up to 32%. Such testing also revealed the compressor is able to reduce noise in the operation of up to 25% better than the compressor is conventional.

Serious LG creates the refrigerator saving electricity in accordance with the modern lifestyles don’t stop there. Naming LG InstaView Door-in-Door is precisely chosen to represent the innovation of LG to suppress consumption of electric refrigerators this throughout the use. Title InstaView refers to the ability of these refrigerators which makes the user can quickly view the contents of the refrigerator without even having to open the door.

The shape of the panel uses 29 inch LCD touch screen on one of the slats of the door. In normal conditions, the screen is as if an invisible blend with the overall design.However, beats the hands two times will activate this screen which makes the user can look directly at the various food materials in the cabin save the refrigerator without having to open the door.

Not without a strong reason for LG to develop this feature.A research done on household find, at least 32 times people open the fridge door without a specific reason. That don’t realize, the activity of which free the cold air in the cabin refrigerator this makes the greater electricity needs it takes the compressor to return the temperature of the original in the cabin refrigerators.

Labor-saving electricity on a refrigerator is the more optimal technology Door-in-Door™ that manifests itself in the existence of a hidden compartment which is located on one of the slats of the door. Said to be hidden because of the layout of the compartments is not a secret door with smaller dimensions that are in the tier bar the main doors. To access them, LG provides a button located on the bottom of the door slats.

Additional compartments this, of course, gives space to save more relieved than refrigerators. Moreover, LG also makes use of a field on a layer in the main doors as the ‘pockets’ of additional storage. All of the additional space is designed as a place to put a variety of foods and drinks that are often required by users and makes it often open the refrigerator door.

The comfort offered from the relieved save space, the secret door is made as an effort to LG strengthen the ability of energy-saving refrigerators the newest. Users don’t need to open the whole door main to just take a variety of ingredients of food or beverage that is often needed. With the only open part of the compartment hidden, minimize the magnitude of the cold air regardless of in-cab refrigerator.

Make it really as refrigerators that are appropriate for the modern lifestyle with its high mobility, the LG gives a touch of Intenet of Things on the LG InstaView Door-in-Door. Through connectedness Wireless, users can still have control over the refrigerator, although different locations via apps LG SmartThinq in his smartphone. This control includes monitoring the temperature and does the temperature changes in the cabin refrigerators. In addition, users can use it to perform detection of possible problems and solutions handle it when the user get the LG InstaView Door-in-Door does not operate properly.

LG TwinWash

Switch to a laundry room, LG introduced the LG TwinWash who was born as a solution to the LG over the needs of the washing machine that answered the complete lifestyle needs of modern society. Of the company’s research, the high mobility of modern society makes the activities of washing tends to be done at the end of the week. The things that make the washing machine large capacity increasingly becomes an option.

Drum washing extra relief is seen as a solution to the end cope with a pile of dirty clothes in one wash. In addition to saving time and energy, consumption of water and electricity overall will be lower because of no need to repeatedly wash. But in his travels, washing machine, the large tube doesn’t solve the whole problem.
Differences in the type of clothing material require different treatment wash so that eventually the leaching can be carried out once so.


Dismantle this state is the LG TwinWash comes with a new concept in washing clothes. Implied strongly on its name, LG TwinWash tube equipped with a washing double. The main tube with a capacity 21 kilograms, tube companion that is right below it has a capacity of 3.5 kilograms. The second tube can be operated one, or simultaneously.

When a pile of dirty clothes with a material that does not need special handling fairly large, the main tube with a capacity of relief be an option. But when dealing with dirty clothes that have just a few strands or any clothing materials that need special attention, the leaching can be carried out by utilizing the washing tubes in lower a capacity is small. The breadth of options washing, not only optimize the use of water and electricity but also cut the need of the time for washing clothes. As a result, users have more time for other activities with family.

Work smart washing machine LG TwinWash in saving energy cannot be separated from innovation drive motor LG’s Smart Inverter Motor. Different with the design of the drive motor on the washing machine other manufacturers use a rubber connector to rotate the tube washing, the LG Smart Inverter Motor is precisely laid attached directly connected with the tube. The results of the development of the LG on the motor drive washing machine this inverter creates a lot of benefits.

First, the work is integrated into the tube and the motor makes the motion more stable. By utilizing this, the LG develop a mode of motion of the leaching of different in features 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology. Naming 6 motion refers to the six variations of movement washing that her inspiration took from the movement of laundering clothes by hand. Owners can opt to use six variations of how to wash it simultaneously, or simply choose one of them with varying needs and variations in the clothing material.

The next advantage is there in minimum friction between the parts because the motor is attached to the tube that makes it able to suppress the energy needs. The absence of rubber connecting make this washing machine is also minimal vibration. The automatic sound issued during operation becomes more smooth, which is only about 50 DB (decibels). As information, the level of noise is parallel to the silence of a library space.

Complement the sophistication of the LG TwinWash with a variety of technology True Steam that uses steam heat for three needs. In addition to ensuring that the laundry regardless of the variety of things that can interfere with healthy and refreshing clothes, embeds this technology is also useful for softening laundry such as towels.

That makes it increasingly sophisticated, the LG also created a special application to support the work of the washing machine LG Twin Wash. As part of the project the Internet of Things, install this application on your smartphone will give three advantages of supporting a working washing machine LG TwinWash. First, by utilizing the wireless, works as a remote control that can activate the washing from a distance. With setting the right time will make the LG Twin Wash has finished the laundry when the user arrives at home.

LG also continuously provide the washing mode of the new for more clothing materials that can be downloaded to complement the work of the washing machine LG Twin Wash according to the special requirement of different users. Including, the mode of washing for baby clothes that need special handling, but don’t the needs of all users.

In addition, through this application, users can perform the detection of the disorders that may occur in the washing machine LG TwinWash. Do I simply turn on the app SmartThinq and menu Smart Diagnosis on the washing machine, then that needs to be done just bring the smartphone on the sides of the washing machine LG TwinWash specified. A moment later, the screen of the smartphone will give the results of the analysis of the interference that occurs in the washing machine LG TwinWash and recommendations solution. With its Smart Diagnosis, users don’t need to again any time waiting for the technicians to check the possibility of interference on the washing machine that may be able to resolve themselves easily.

LG NeoChef

Bring a combination of minimalist design and inverter technology, LG NeoChef prepared LG into a microwave oven (microwave oven) that answer the needs of the community will be the healthiest cuisine in the middle of its high mobility. Elegant design with the surface of the front panel intact from the materials of tempered glass with the touch of a matte finish on the exterior makes the LG NeoChef can perform blends with the overall decor of the modern kitchen.

The more power-efficient, the success of the LG to develop the technology of inverter as the main motor of the microwave oven of this member benefit on a heat setting is better during the cooking process. Advantages first, the inverter technology in LG NeoChef able to give the heat more evenly in time the process of re-heat and process of defrosting. As a result, will not be encountered again food ingredients from the refrigerator that are undergoing the process of defrosting in the microwave still frozen in the middle.

The next advantage of applied the development of inverter technology in microwave oven on high flexibility for the users to choose the level of power used. The user can start the cooking process with setting at the level of a certain power to then change it, either lower or raise it, in the middle of the cooking process depending on the options of cooking selected.

This flexibility makes the LG NeoChef can handle the range of food is extensive as making yogurt, melting chocolate or even just make popcorn. In fact, users of LG NeoChef can use it to perform the ripening in the mode water fry that is healthy compared to frying process with the deep fryer.

Make sure your device LG NeoChef avoid material harm or bacteria that may be mixed with foods, LG coat the inside of the furnace microwave it with Anti-Bacterial EasyClean. In addition to having the ability to eliminate the possibility of the presence of bacteria up to 99.99%, the protective layer is also very easy to clean.

A small Detail became the attention of LG develops LG NeoChef. One of them can be seen from the design of the disc into the pedestal place the food material in the furnace. LG developing a design with six supporting points. Useful give more stability better and prevent the possibility of food material spillage commonly occurs as a result of the laying of the container is not right in the middle of the disc.

The efforts of LG to suppress the use of electricity on the LG NeoChef also touch on the option the use of LED lights for lighting the inside of the furnace. The more power-efficient, this LED lamp also gives the level of brightness of the three-fold better compared with the previously type of light.


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