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OmniSci and HP Z8 Collaboration to Accelerate Big Data-Based Workflow

OmniSci dan HP Z8

The utilization of big data technology drives the need for increasingly high computational capabilities. Because the processing, storage, and analysis of data from various sources with large amounts cannot be done by a home computer or an ordinary office.

In addition, it is also necessary to have a capable database processing software to deliver the leading analytical power. That was what OmniSci, the pioneer company for analytic acceleration, was trying to answer, which took the HP workstation laptop manufacturer through its Z8 series.

Todd Mostak, CEO and Co-founder of OmniSci, said that his company’s collaboration with HP enables OmniSci to bring analytic acceleration in other formats. “At present, data analysts and data scientists can utilize our solutions in secure and dedicated devices that ideally suit their needs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jared Dame, Director of AI and Data Science, Z of HP, said that he was dedicated to providing the best experience in all solutions and products, including mobile and desktop workstation devices for professional creators and users who require high computing.

“OmniSci offers the latest performance needed to meet the needs of a new era in intensive data analysis, making it an ideal option for our Z8 workstations,” Dame commented on HP’s collaboration with OmniSci.

The announced collaboration is claimed to facilitate data scientists and data analysts in processing large data sets directly on their workstations. At the same time responding to challenges related to costs and operational problems that arise in the use of server-based systems and cloud computing.

OmniSci offers scalable analytic acceleration. This platform is able to process and visualize billions of rows of data in milliseconds, enabling data scientists and business analysts and geospatial analysts to gain new insights through massive internal and/or external data compilation.

With the OmniSciDB SQL database tool and the visualization of the OmniSci Immerse data interface loaded into the Z8 workstation, users can immediately enjoy the extreme speed and interactivity of the OmniSci platform in a hardware solution that is independent, secure, and personalized and ready to use.

The Z8 HP is designed for scientists, educators, and other professionals, offering computing up to 56 cores, and equipped with high-speed memory with a capacity of 3 TB and storage space of up to 48 TB. In addition, this sophisticated device is equipped with 2X NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 graphics capabilities for exceptional rendering speed and image details.

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