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Announces Their New Managing Director, Fujitsu Optimistic to Become the Market Leader in Indonesia


Fujitsu Indonesia introduces their latest managing director as a part of its regeneration. This decision is also carried out to strengthen its vision as a number one IT solution provider in Indonesia.

He is Odi Susilo Handoko who previously served as Director of Key Accounts, who believed to be the replacement the position that filled by Achmad Sofyan. In his work, the man who had 27 years in the sector of operational, sales, client, and key account management in various global companies will responsibly encourage the creation of strategies to accelerate the growth of the company.

“I’m sure so excited to this job, because I have lived and work in Japan. So why not use the ability of the Japanese Language I in Japanese companies?” he joked when Gizmologi meet him after the press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (3/29/2017).

Odi Susilo Handoko Fujitsu Indonesia

Just for information, Odi can be considered as a veteran in the world of technology. This man previously worked as Country Manager for Communication Sector at IBM Indonesia and Key Account Director at Oracle Indonesia. His last position at Fujitsu Indonesia is still fairly new, i.e. in a matter of months.

Having actively served as managing director per April 1st, Odi said, that branding is one of his focus. According to him, as the number 1 company in Japan and number 5 in the world, Fujitsu is still fairly new for most people in Indonesia.

In addition, Odi will develop a solution which he calls the human-centric innovation, in which people, information, and infrastructure involved in together to get the use of IT solutions owned by Fujitsu.

“We want all more connected as the implications of life and business. From here there will be new opportunities and how to exploit it. We are optimistic that Fujitsu could be the number one in Indonesia,” he said.

In the same occasion, Achmad Sofyan who have joined in Fujitsu Indonesia since the year 2005 presented various success obtained during he served as a managing director. One thing that is fantastic is the profit of the company reached up to 35%.

“The average growth each year is 25% and we grow as much as 15 times since I joined here,” said the man who was touted as Indonesian who first worked for this Japanese company.

Then, where will Achmad after ending his contribution in Fujitsu Indonesia? To Gizmologi, he said he would remain in the company up to 4 months. Furthermore, he chose to be a career as advisor or teacher.

“My age is now 60 years old, so it seems indeed I just enjoy my retirement to share my experience during working in the IT industry,” he said.

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