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Anticipating the Millennal’s Invation to the Industry, Microsoft Presents User-Friendly Teams Solution


Realize that the millennial generation will be the “ruler” of the work industry in the foreseeable future, Microsoft has anticipated with technology solutions that are able to make the work be more fun to do. What kind of special powers?

Named Microsoft Teams, this solution brings together users, conversations, and content with the devices needed in one team. In addition, the solution is also integrated with an Office based Office 365 and the cloud network of global Microsoft.

With Microsoft Teams, users can do a lot with the support of cool features, including:

  • Chat for Today’s Team providing the experience of a conversation with a modern thread virtual forum look-alike that allows all users involved can read the messages. Not only could read all the team members, the conversation can also being customized with access limited to only a few members of the course. With this feature, the team can track the progress of the project that is being done to switch to the latest project.
  • A hub for teamwork contains a variety of application and service Office that can be used members of the team, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint, OneNote, and PowerBI to support exchanged information in a conversation.
  • Customization for Every Team gives the ability to the Microsoft Team for the integrated into more than 150 modules that support the work, starting from Microsoft Planner, Visual Studio Team Services and a variety of bots from a third party.
  • Security team trust, provide a standard security high classmate of enterprise cloud-based Office 365, as well as able to provide security and adjustment, which supported the global standard SOC 1, SOC 2, EU Model Clauses, ISO27001, and HIPAA.

Microsoft claims that, when this solution was first introduced in November last year, there were already more than 50 thousand companies, which use it from various sectors, such as airlines, automotive, oil and gas, banking, transportation, and so on.

microsoft teamsAccording to Lucky Gani, Business Group Head Windows Division Microsoft Indonesia, Microsoft solutions Teams deliberately presented to anticipate the invasion of the millennial generation in the industry. With the user-friendly interface, this generation is expected to more easily adopt it in support of daily productivity.

“In 2020 millennial will join to these companies. With this solution, they can do a task or task force or communication that is not limited. Those who are familiar with social media platforms on smartphones can directly use it. So all the components in a team can be connected, both inside the office and outside,” he said.


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