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Nokia Smartphone Back to Indonesian Market with Local Distributor

Nokia smartphone

Who does not know Nokia smartphone? Before being hit by Samsung and Apple, Nokia is the ruler of the mobile universe for more than a decade. The fate of this phone company was uncertain after purchased by Microsoft because it does not develop well. After that, some Nokia veterans founded HMD Global Oy, acquired the business of the mobile phone from Microsoft.

Now, HMD is working to restore the glory of the Nokia brand. Indonesia which is its biggest market a few years ago wanted to reach again. But certainly not an easy matter because the market has grown rapidly and the competition is getting fiercer. For that, HMD took strategic partners, one of them Erajaya Group.

The presence of Nokia smartphone that is now based on Android will be expected to answer the longing of the fans of Nokia in Indonesia. Simultaneously answer the curiosity of gadget fans about this phone. Erajaya Group also announced its readiness to welcome the presence of Nokia smartphone series 3, 5 and 6.

It was confirmed by Djatmiko Wardoyo, Marketing and Communications Director, Erajaya Group who stated Erajaya has a long history of cooperation with Nokia. “We used to be one of the first distributors in Indonesia. We are excited about Nokia smartphone launching a new Android-based product that has been waiting for the fans in Indonesia. With the quality of reliable products and supported by the big name of Nokia, we are confident that the new smartphone product line will be able to compete in the market Indonesia,” said Djatmiko.

Meanwhile, JW Kim, Chief Operating Officer of Erajaya Retail Group during a press conference in Jakarta (9/28/2017) said Erafone’s retail network is ready to market Nokia’s smartphone product range. “To welcome the presence of Nokia smartphones, we will run various programs at outlets such as branding, brand activation events, and exciting promotional programs, and we hope Nokia phones will be one of the consumer choice products in our outlets,” said JW Kim.

On the same occasion, Organized Trade Lead of Nokia HMD Indonesia Affancik Hamim said it has launched Nokia 3, and in the near future will soon be followed by Nokia 6 and Nokia 5. “Cooperation with Erajaya Group as a strategic partner Nokia HMD is one of Nokia’s key to penetrating smartphones in the Indonesian market, “said Affancik.

Whether Nokia 3, 5 or 6 is equipped with a pure Android operating system (Pure Android) where the advantages are users will always get a monthly security system update and Nokia smartphone is ensured safe.

Described further, Erafone’s retail network will begin selling Nokia 3 in early October 2017. While Nokia 5 and 6 can be purchased at Erajaya Group’s retail network either online or offline at the end of October 2017.



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