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5 Cool Features of OnePlus 5 Will Make Samsung Galaxy S8 Seems Very Expensive?


The whole world is currently distracted with the pre-order Samsung Galaxy S8 which is its design and specifications admittedly very impressive. However, in the midst of this excitement, OnePlus 5 like be the challenger who is serious for that flagship.

Yes, OnePlus 5 is rumored to bring a lot of advanced features that is not inferior to Samsung Galaxy S8. In fact, a rumor that published by PhoneArena, Tuesday (11/4/2017), claiming that what brought OnePlus flagship it would make the Samsung new S clan that was very expensive.

The following is the specification of which is rumored to be present in the OnePlus 5:

1. Thin Bezel and Without Home Button

OnePlus 5 will have a thin bezel on both sides and remove the home button which was existed on OnePlus 2 and 3. Red accents on the top of the screen also make this smartphone impressed so futuristic like the figure of a gaming laptop.

2. Largest RAM

RAM is the most important part of the performance of the smartphone. As a brand that is known to have a high performance on its smartphones, OnePlus is reportedly preparing 8 GB RAM for its latest hero. While for the chipset, Snapdragon 835 predicted to be mated with it.

3. Amazing Dual-Camera 

From the rumors that are existed, OnePlus 5 will bring the 23 MP main camera and 16 MP on the front. As well as the trend of dual-camera that is currently infecting the flagship smartphone nowadays, this smartphone will also adopt the technology which is prepared to beat the camera features are similar to other smartphones.

4. Long Battery Life

OnePlus 5 will bring a battery capacity of about 3,500 – 4,000 mAh. With the support of energy-saving technologies from Snapdragon 835, this capacity will be able to match the battery performance of the Galaxy S8, even the S8+, each with a capacity of 3,000 and 3,500 mAh.

5. Best Price

The price factor is determinant that the OnePlus 5 will make Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to be so expensive. Reportedly, this smartphone will be priced no more than US$ 5,000 or about Rp 6 million.

Important to be mentioned, all the predictions above is still too early, given the parties OnePlus has not given the official statement of its new flagship. However, if examined from a series of earlier, indeed it seems to be a lot of things very ‘wah’ sound 5. We just wait, Gizmolovers!




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