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Survey: 2018 Chinese New Year Shopping Trend Mostly Happens in e-Stores


A survey on 2018 Chinese New Year shopping trend has shown that almost two third of the total respondents admit they buy equipments for celebrating the 2569 Chinese New Year via online stores. Those are the results from the survey from ShopBack Indonesia on more than 1,100 respondents aged between 18 and 28 years old in Jakarta and Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan and Makassar.

The respondents say shopping at e-stores are more efficient, cheaper and easier without leaving homes, particularly during this rainy season. The survey on the 2018 Chinese New Year shopping trend has shown that new clothes, knick knacks about Chinese New Year, foods, household tools and cosmetics become most-purchased products during this year’s festivity.

As many as 26% of the total respondents in the survey on the 2018 Chinese New Year shopping trend say shopping via online is the second most favorite activity after family gathering (67.8%).

Indra Yonathan, Co-Founder & Country Head of ShopBack Indonesia, said more people had been doing transactions at online stores in the past few years.

“According to the result of the ShopBack survey, the comparison of the average amount of money spent by public during Chinese New Year at online or offline stores, shows no significant difference. In average, the respondents spend up to Rp725,000 at online stores and Rp890,000 at offline store for buying necessities for Chinese New Year. This shows that public trust for online shopping keeps on increasing.”

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Another fact emerging from the survey on the 2018 Chinese New Year shopping trend is that 54.9% of the overall female respondents say they buy new clothes for celebrating Chinese New Year at online stores. On the other hand, male consumers confess they prefer purchasing clothes at offline stores, like mall, boutique and clothes stores.

The survey on the 2018 Chinese New Year shopping trend has revealed five e-commerce platforms become public favorites during Chinese New Year, which are Shopee (32%), Tokopedia (26%), Lazada (21%), MatahariMall (10%) and Zalora (4%).

Chinese New Year that is identical with giving ang pao provides another unique fact. As many as 42.9% of the total respondents admit they use 52% of the received ang pao for saving and the remaining 48% for shopping.

Another survey result shows 40.1% of the total respondents have started purchasing equipments for Chinese New Year a week before the festivity while another 24% have begun shopping two weeks prior to the event and 16.4% of the overall respondents have purchased things for the event a month before it.

The 2018 Chinese New Year 2018 shopping trend is marked with keyword search via Google Trends. The search about the necessity of Chinese New Year has been frequent a week prior to the festivity. Even in the month leading to the event, public have searched about the 2018 Chinese New Year accessories. In the 2018 Chinese New Year, most Indonesians have wished to know about the iconic Chinese New Year orange tree via internet. The search on the tree via online has been eight times more frequent than that of last year.

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