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Taiwan Excellence Presents IoT Solution for Smart Living in Indonesia

Taiwan Excellence

Network infrastructure, through data capture and communication capabilities in connecting physical objects and virtual data, is part of the Internet of Things (IOT). The technology has now grown more innovative down to the level of applications and devices that can be used every day for personal, health management, home automation, urban public security, down to traffic settings. Taiwan Excellence, a consortium of Taiwanese technology companies, seeks to bring the IoT solution in Indonesia.

This was confirmed in the seminar “Taiwan Solution IOT for SMART LIVING” which is part of Taiwan Expo 2017 which was held May 12 to 14 yesterday at the Jakarta Convention Center. At this seminar, Taiwan Excellence will invite representatives from ACER, IEI, and ADVANTECH to expose the sophistication of IOT solutions they have for the Indonesian market, and its correlation with Indonesia’s need for smart living.

According to Taiwan Excellence, Indonesia’s middle-class market is experiencing an average consumer growth of 4.7% per year, demand for improved technology products, internet penetration rate is 40% (104 million), so it is estimated that by 2020 it will be 136 million. President Jokowi also committed to the progress of e-commerce/internet development in the year 2020 can reach 1.3 billion US Dollar which means experiencing growth 100 times, so this proves that the potential of Indonesian internet industry network is no doubt.

At the event, Taiwan Excellence Pavilion exhibited ICT products, health care, sports equipment, water equipment, machinery and other intelligence solutions, where there is a total of 58 Taiwan brands. Taiwan Excellence also invites QNAP System and Asia Silicon Valley which will introduce the Internet industry and share information on private cloud and public cloud systems, factory automation, traffic management, indoor air quality monitoring and office communication technology learning system solutions 4.0.

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