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Latest Generation LG Super UHD TV with Nano Cell Sold in Indonesia, Price Started 25 Million


For those of you who like to watch television by wanting more amazing visual quality, LG Electronics Indonesia (LGEIN) gave the answer. This week, South Korean manufacturers are introducing the new LG Super UHD TV. In this latest generation, LG provides two variants of the screen for LG’s latest Super UHD TV type is LG 65SJ850T 65inch screen size and LG 55SJ850T with 55inch display landscape.

More realistic image reproduction capability, color accuracy and color stability in wider viewing angles are the three main advantages of TVs that are born as the third generation LG Super UHD TV premium line.

These three advantages can not be separated from the Nano Cell technology is said to be the latest innovations in coloring technology on LCD panels. The latest generation of LG Super UHD TVs is said to represent LG’s commitment and success to continue to drive viewer media technology to a higher level.

According to Riki Siuwandy, Product Marketing TV LG Electronics Indonesia, Nano Cell technology in the latest Super UHD TV LG is the use of special particles in the uniform size with a diameter of about one nanometer that coats the TV panel. The use of panels with special particles is one of them useful to absorb the excess jets of color waves of light on the impressions.


LG Super UHD TV  range launched in Indonesia

With LED TV technology that still relies on the arrangement of LED lights for backlighting, the ability of panels with the Nano Cell coating is important because the excess light emission of color waves often makes a TV unable to produce color in accordance with the content of the results.

For example, the green color on a TV show with the previous technology can blend with other color waves like yellow or blue. As a result, the color of the display appears faded or even has a glow that makes it look yellowish.

With the ability to absorb the excess light beam of this color wave, Nano Cell technology also has better precision in filtering and differentiate more colors. The precision of color reproduction on this Nano Cell technology makes it not only able to produce more dramatic colors but also maintain the stability of color in each image. On the other hand, Nano Cell technology is able to reduce the glow of the light on the screen even under the lighting around a very bright space over the TV screen.

No less important, the Nano Cell technology with IPS 4K display panel on the LG 65SJ850T and 55SJ850T allows users to enjoy the same quality of viewing despite watching from different positions up to 60 degrees. With this capability, there is no longer the best angle of watching TV. Each family member can enjoy rich-colored impressions and stay stable even from different viewing angles.

In terms of color quality, LG has established a partnership with Technicolor. As a company that was founded 100 years ago and became the standard in film coloring, this collaboration shows the seriousness of the company in developing TV with the highest-grade coloring in its class.

Complementing its presence as an entertainment medium in the middle of the family room, LG Super UHD TV third generation is made with the support play content in HDR (High Dynamic Range) format. In fact, for this ability, LG Super UHD TV third generation is said to have the most extensive compatibility in handling HDR format content. In addition to the HDR 10 format, users can also enjoy a variety of Dolby Vision HDR content that offers more dramatic coloring through image processing work done on each frame.

What if it does not have HDR format content? Do not worry, owners of LG Super UHD TV with Nano Cell technology can still enjoy the feel of impressions like HDR format. This is thanks to the HDR Effect feature that can increase the contrast and lighting of the original content source which Standard Definition becomes HDR nuanced.

The Price of LG Super UHD TV 65SJ850T & 55SJ850T

Gizmolovers, anyone interested in having it? Based on our search, LG UHD SMART TV WHITE-55SJ850T series with 55 Inch screen sold for IDR 25.499.000. On the Electronic City website, the product is discounted to IDR 22,499,000. As for the highest product is the LG Super UHD TV 65SJ850T with a screen size of 65 Inch is marketed for IDR 34.929.000. Hartono Electronics’s website gives discounts to IDR 31,099,000. Which are you interested in?

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