ACMIC A10PRO Review: Premium Power Bank with Quick Charge 3.0

Clothing, food, board, and power bank. The slang words of the basic needs are often circulated in the timeline, pronounced by Indonesian netizens for considering the power bank as a basic requirement. Of course, the need to remain can exist in social media as a backup when the phone battery is going to run out. Lots of power banks circulating in the market, one of them is ACMIC A10PRO.

ACMIC is brand new in the market. But they immediately dare to enter the premium segment through the series. Normal price IDR 499,000 where with this budget, can be bought for a feature phone. During the promotion period, ACMIC granted a 40% discount to Rp 299,000 on a number of the e-commerce site. What does this 10,000 mAh power bank offer for nearly half a million? I am also interested to know more. Here’s the review.


The premium impression really shows the power bank ACMIC 10Pro. The design looks luxurious like a premium smartphone model with attention to detail aspects. Body wrapped in aluminum alloy metal (aluminum alloy) with a slightly rounded corner. Looks elegant.

Although the size of the battery capacity of 10,000 mAh, not make it fat. The ergonomic side of attention, so the shape is quite sleek and comfortable grasped and put in a pants pocket. The form factor was also felt solid and sturdy to protect the battery components in it. On the other hand, the weight is light.


 ACMIC A10PRO is available in several attractive colors. There’s Space Gray, White Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. In the unit I tried this, the color is white silver. Inside the sales package, in addition to Power Bank, of course, there is a short USB to Micro USB cable, 1 Apple micro USB to lightning adapter, 1 micro USB 2.0 to USB Type-C adapter. Warranty card and user manual paper. ACMIC does not include charger heads so users have to set up their own.

One thing I do not think ACMIC really cares about. They do not provide pouch (pouch) on this power bank. As a premium power bank should pay attention to the complete packaging. In order to facilitate the user save power bank as well as placing the cable accessories. Why need a pouch? Because if the body is scratched or abrasions due to fall, will reduce the beauty of this bank power.


One of the advantages that power bank sells is to have adopted Quick Charge 3.0 technology from Qualcomm. On paper, Quick Charge 3.0 technology can charge the phone battery up to four times faster than conventional. Quick Charge 3.0 uses Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV), an algorithm that enables portable devices to determine the power level to be requested at any point in time, enabling optimal power transfer while maximizing efficiency.

This technology also supports wider voltage options, allowing mobile devices to dynamically adjust the ideal voltage level supported by a particular device. Specifically, Quick Charge 3.0 offers a more granular voltage range: an increase of 200mV, from 3.6V to 20V. That way the phone can target one of the dozens of power levels.

Actually, Quick Charge 3.0 is not the latest technology from Qualcomm. Because the current technology company from San Diego, United States has had Quick Charge 4+. Nevertheless, devices that support the latest charging technology is still very little in the market. So Quick Charge 3.0 is more realistic as it supports more devices.

In addition to Quick Charge 3.0, power bank ACMIC A10PRO is also equipped with SMART IC technology. It is a smart IC system that protects your phone or device while it is charging. Smart ICs are not new because some of the leading power bank have put them on. And this seems to be a safety standard for powerbank.

However, ACMIC provides extra protection against this bank power. According to the information I received, there is 9 protection provided by smart IC in this power bank. ACMIC embed 9 protection features that are smart temperature protection, smart over-charge protection, smart over-discharge protection, smart short-circuit protection, smart input over-voltage protection, smart output over-voltage protection, smart recovery protection, smart output over- current protection, and smart PTC cell protection. All these features are embedded to anticipate possible errors while charging the battery.



The 10,000 mAh power bank capacity is the ideal size today. Because the battery capacity of mobile phones alone is getting bigger average 3000 mAh. With 10ribu mAh capacity, at least can be used to charge the phone up to two times. Using the Quick Charge feature adds more value to this device.

Powerbank ACMIC A10PRO has four ports with details of two ports to charge in and two ports to charge out. Unlike most charger ports are usually only one type of micro USB only, the ACMIC A10 Pro is included port Lightning In to accommodate Apple users who do not have a micro USB cable.

As for charging out, there are two types of ports. The first port is a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology that is orange in color, offering extra fast charging. Furthermore, the second standard USB port that issued a current of 2.4 A which although not as fast as the first port, but faster than the average power bank on the market that only 2 A.

On the side body, there are buttons that when squeezed, gives the remaining battery indicator information that is still stored in the power bank. The LED is also an indicator that automatically turns on when charging another device.

In order to enjoy this extra fast charging, make sure your device also supports Quick Charge 3.0. Because if not, the benefits will not be felt just a little faster. In testing, I used an LG G6 smartphone with a 3,300mAh battery that has Quick Charge 3.0 support. When the battery lives 9%, it took less than 1 hour to reach 100%. Even I fill at once with other smartphones, the process was fairly fast. Performance is really satisfying.


Undoubtedly, ACMIC A10PRO is one of the best power bank on the market. Premium design quality makes it very suitable to carry traveling More than that, fast charging technology is very useful to charge the battery that needs power intake. The price is almost five hundred thousand is quite expensive. However, paid by the ability that is owned. Especially if you buy it at a discount, more value for money. Coupled with an 18-month warranty from the ACMIC provide convenience to users.


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