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How Two New Features of Outsystems Platform Accelerate Mobile Apps Development


Developing enterprise-class mobile applications is a big challenge for IT teams. This is as stated in the research report State of Application Development 2017 issued OutSystems. According to a report that surveyed more than 3,200 IT professionals in 40 countries and 28 industries, time and skills are identified as the two most important barriers to mobile development today.

To answer that problem too, OutSystems announced two new features on the Low-Code platform for developers. The new features are designed to solve the biggest challenges of enterprise mobile application development with emphasis on speed and user experience.

The first new feature is App Templates, forming the foundation for speed. Each application template includes a beautiful pre-built screen combination with navigation structure, business logic, and data. App Templates also supports other mobility needs such as touch ID authentication, Google Maps integration, and in-app notifications. With App Template, the IT team can reduce development time by up to 70%.

The second new innovation, Theme Customizer, which can help developers build fast-quality user experience, without having extensive design knowledge. With Theme Customizer, developers can upload corporate logo images, and OutSystems instantly creates app themes that fit their style and brand.

Developers can preview their applications in real-time with built-in emulators. Then automatically set it to the running device, creating an original look and feel.

According to Paulo Rosado, CEO, OutSystems, this new feature is dedicated to continuing to drive innovation, improve the Low-Code developer experience, and help IT grow as business needs grow.

For you mobile application developers who have tried the Low-Code platform from OutSystems, let’s share your experience here.

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