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This Is How Exciting To Have a New Friend From Cheers App


Confused want to hangout but no friends that can be invited? Application Cheers can realize it with a techie way. This is proven through the event titled “Cheers The Experience with Derina” which was held some weeks ago.

Is Syaiful Arif who became the winner of the event to make dinner with DJ Derina in Melbourne Kitchen, Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/5/2017) night. Not just dinner, this guy can enjoy a live acoustic band, and play darts with DJ.

What happened to Syaiful is an example of the experience of using the app Cheers, in which the user can easily meet with a new friend directly to a variety of your favorite events. Although the bringing together of two people with the same interest, Cheers is not an online dating that is rife at the moment like Tinder and kind of it.

Cheers The Experience with Derina 1

With this application, the user can position themselves as an event creator that made the favorite event and choose a new friend at the event. While there are also users who position themselves as the applicant join to the event and get the credit point can be transferred to the personal account.

So, in the event “Cheers The Experience with Derina” described that Derina is the figure of the event creator, while Syaiful is one of the dozens of the applicant from the event which was eventually selected as the winner. The Event itself has lasted a week before finally Syaiful reunited with Derina.

According to Kelvin Chee, CEO of Cheers, this app indeed presented to facilitate the user in getting a new place to walk to an event. In addition to providing convenience, privacy and security of users are also guaranteed.

“The fun, this app is also able to provide additional income is quite tempting to the user becomes the applicant,” he said in a press statement received Gizmologi.

Well, make Gizmolovers who want to be able to experience get new friends such as Syaiful, can directly install the application now also on Google Play and the App Store. Find out more info about this app here.


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